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Travel Industry Trends to Watch in 2017

With offices in Illinois, New York, and New Jersey, Delgado Travel Agency is uniquely positioned to serve numerous clients who are looking for money exchanging and international telecommunications services. Delgado Travel Agency focuses much of its work in the realm of domestic and international travel.

The worldwide travel industry is constantly evolving with every passing year. Fluctuating trends influence all aspects of travel and tourism, from consumer decisions to sought-after vacation features. Here are a few trends set to take prominence in 2017:
1. Virtual reality (VR) takeover - More travel marketing professionals will begin to adopt VR as a means of showcasing their most exciting offerings to clients. For example, travel agencies will be able to use these devices to show potential vacation destinations to travelers. The VR marketing strategy will also enable more airlines to demonstrate cabin upgrades to their passengers.
2. The rise of food tourism - After growing steadily in popularity in recent years, food tourism is set to make a big impact on the global travel industry in 2017. More vacationers will be looking for unique culinary experiences, such as cooking classes and food tours in destinations around the world.
3. Activity-packed vacations - In a marked departure from traditional relaxation-filled vacations, more travelers will begin to seek getaways that are filled with activities. Many young vacationers will search for experiences that immerse them in local cultures or take them on adventure excursions.

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