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Tips for Getting Through Airport Security Quickly

Delgado Travel Agency

From its headquarters in New York and its dozens of offices throughout Illinois, Mexico, and Ecuador, Delgado Travel Agency provides clients with travel and currency-exchange services. In operation for over 40 years, Delgado Travel Agency is a family-owned business that can help clients with all aspects of travel. Airport security is one of the most frustrating aspects of traveling, so here are some tips to help you get through it quicker.

1. Pack the valuables away. Place all your valuables, such as jewelry, cell phones, and even your belt, into your carry-on bag prior to reaching the security checkpoint so you don’t have to fiddle with taking it all off at the gate.
2. Place all your medications into a separate plastic bag in your carry-on luggage, as this allows for quicker inspection.
3. Be polite. Remember that the Transportation Security Administration screens over 700 million people each year, which works out to approximately two million people per day. By being polite throughout the process, you speed things up for everybody.

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