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Independence Program Helps Veteran Regain their Independence

Delgado Travel Agency

Delgado Travel Agency offers an assortment of services that range from travel vacation packages and international telecommunication to courier services and money transfers. Beyond its everyday operations, Delgado Travel Agency supports the Wounded Warrior Project. This organization administers a variety of programs and initiatives for veterans and their families, including the Independence Program.

The Independence Program serves veterans that rely on the assistance of their families or caretakers due to neurological conditions sustained during military tours. Cognitive and physical challenges associated with neurological conditions also limit veterans’ access to activities and resources within their communities. Designed to help disabled veterans live more fulfilled life, the program focuses on returning their independence and enabling, helping them regain control over their lives.
Veterans who participate in the program receive aid from a full support team that collaborates with the veterans’ family and caretakers to develop a long-term individualized plan. These highly specialized plans focus on outlining a goal for the future while accounting for the veteran’s ever-changing needs. In addition, the Independence Program offers training for involvement in a variety of meaningful activities, which range from education and life skills to social and recreation.

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