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Best Times to Travel to Florida

Delgado Travel Agency

At Delgado Travel Agency, a team of professionals helps travelers to plan their vacations. Delgado Travel Agency can book flights, hotels, and rental cars in high-interest destinations such as Florida.

Although Florida has a wide variety of attractions and tourist destinations, the warm and sunny weather is often a major feature of attraction for visitors. Travelers seeking the famous Florida sunshine must remember, however, that the state is susceptible to seasonal shifts and that some locations can be chilly, rainy, or windy.
In general, the northern part of Florida tends to be cooler than many people expect during the winter months. Summer, which extends from May to September, brings heat and humidity that is particularly strong inland. Heat is less intense during the shoulder months before and after the warm period.
Late summer and autumn carry an increased risk of tropical storms. The hurricane season in the Caribbean has led to increased stormy activity from the beginning of June through the end of November, though October tends to be less rainy on average than the rest of the hurricane season. June carries the highest risk of wet weather, while April and November are driest.

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