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Benefits of Prepaid Mobile Phones

Delgado Travel Agency

For more than 40 years, Delgado Travel Agency has provided high-quality money transfer and money exchange services for clients in the New York and New Jersey areas. Delgado Travel Agency also offers a number of communications services, including international calling and prepaid mobile phone minutes.

When it comes to international travel, prepaid mobile phones offer multiple advantages over other phone plans, the biggest of which is freedom from long-term contracts, which often last for several years. Prepaid users can come and go as they please without worrying about early termination fees or unfavorable contract terms. Although this freedom typically costs more per minute than contract plans, the freedom is worth the extra expense for many travelers.
In addition to freedom of use, there are usually no age limits on prepaid mobile plans, making them ideal for children and teenagers. By loading phones with the number of minutes they choose, parents can limit not only teenage phone use, but also the likelihood of unpleasant surprises on the phone bill.

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